Wersja angielska

large6The Comprehensive School number 9 is one of the oldest of secondary schools in Lódź. It came into being in 1945. It has been the most successful and popular school with teenagers for 60 years. Almost 200 pupils start their educational career here. Nowadays, the number of students has grown up to 600. It allows us to praise ourselves to be one of the highest educational brands in our city. There are a few factors which make our school exceptional. Lets mention them: TRADITION which has been mentioned before. Due to many years of practice and well-qualified TEACHING STAFF the school quarantees a high level of education. Most teachers are examiners of Matura Exams cooperating with the local Examination Centre.

z4Rich educational offer is the chief asset of our school. Seven different forms give young students the opportunity to choose their future way of education and allow them to shape consciously their future career. You can find a class with an extended curriculum in information science and mathematics , a class specializing in the humanity, a medical class, a language class, and classes with an extended curriculum of languages, geography and economy. Moreover, there is also a sports class specializing in basketball. Apart from compulsory subjects, the school offers the whole range of additional classes which allow everyone to expand their knowledge and develop individual interests.

z6What is more, you can learn four foreign languages in our school: English, German, French and Spanish. Every year students from our school take part in INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS EXCHANGE which is organised by our teachers of German. Such exchange enables them to practise their linguistic abilities gained at school.

1large6The school is also a place where we regularly celebrate holidays connected with Polish traditions and history eg. Teachers Day, Independence Day and Christmas. The school provides modern and professional equipment which enables the teachers to use the most effective methods of teaching.

z7There are, among them, multimedial boards, well-equipped computer labs, a computer centre, two full-size gyms with complete sports equipment. One is used for team games, while the other one for exercises accompanied with music (dancing, aerobics). There is also a table tennis room, shooting gallery with pneumatic guns, two asphalt full-size pitches used for handball as well as basketball.

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